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Real Name:  Stan Summers  
Nicknames:  "The Wrestling Inspector", "The Inspector"  
Hometown:  Oxford, England  
Birthday:  11/05/1982  
Height:  6'1''  
Weight:  232 lbs 


Biography:  A gifted and diligent amateur-turned-professional wrestler in his younger days, Stan Summers is now under the employ of the Wrestling Inspection, Review and Examination (WIRE) organization. WIRE is an independent body whose members are honour-bound to inspect, review and rate wrestling organizations of every level worldwide, and Stan is a model employee who embodies everything that WIRE stands for. His enthusiasm, eye for detail and dedication to following every process and procedure within his role has led him to rise quickly through the ranks within WIRE, but has also led to him being almost universally loathed by those ‘in-the-know’ within the wrestling business.

As an individual, Stan is blunt, cold and emotionless, has a near obsession with rules and regulations, and in general struggles to comply with social norms. He is frequently attired in old-fashioned suit and tie combos, and very rarely exhibits any interests or hobbies outside of his job. Despite his encyclopaedic knowledge of wrestling holds & counter holds, and the wrestling business in general, he possesses nothing special in terms of size, strength or athleticism. 
Strengths:  Encyclopaedic knowledge of technical amateur wrestling holds, counter holds and submissions.

Very intelligent in general, and will use this intelligence to get under the skin of his opponents and adversaries. 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  A stickler for rules and regulations, and can become easily flustered when these rules are not adhered to.

Not considered physically or athletically gifted within the world of wrestling. 


  • “I think it’s time, Mr. Dann, for you to experience your first Stan Summers Ability Assessment...!”


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