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Real Name:  Stacy Marie Lawson-Jones  
Nicknames:  Unbreakable  
Hometown:  Orlando, FL  
Birthday:  02/11/1989  
Height:  5ft 7inch  
Weight:  150 lbs 


Biography:  Stacy began her wrestling career in 2009 in the NWA as the manager of her then husband, “The Punisher” Matthew Robinson. A year later, she would make her in-ring debut and later that year, she would defeat rival, Katie Bako to capture her first ever Championship, the NWA Starlet’s Championship.

At the young age of twenty two, Stacy would manage to defeat NWA’s most decorated Starlet’s Champion, Ayane Nicole Shaw to capture her second Starlet’s Championship. By the time NWA reached it’s fourth year, the company would merge the men’s and women’s divisions together, meaning women were eligible to challenge for all titles and that same year, along with Summer Daize, the two would become the first females to win the NWA Tag Team Championships.

Stacy would continue to make history in NWA in 2013 when she would become the first ever female United States Champion and also be inducted into the Hall of Fame. That same year, NWA unfortunately closed down and she would join the Wrestling Championship Federation (WCF).

Even though her career in WCF was short-lived, Stacy would once again make history by becoming the second ever female People’s Champion. Due to contractual issues, Stacy would leave WCF and then joined Visionaries of Wrestling (VoW) and she quickly climbed up the ranks in the company and near the end of the year, she would become the first ever female champion in VoW history when she captured the Xcel Championship.

Coming into 2015, Stacy has since won the Xcel Championship a second time, becoming the first ever two-time champion in VoW history. Since she lost the title, she’s been trying to fulfil her dream of becoming a World Champion.

2016 has been a rocky road for Stacy, a lot of it has been full of painful losses which also included a loss to Winter Pine in probably the biggest feud of 2016. However things got better later as she managed to grab some huge victories over the likes of Emevlas Stastias and Casanova English which in turn resulted in her receiving a shot at Emma Carlisle for the VoW World Visionary Championship which she was unsuccessful in.

VoW unfortunately had to close at the end of 2016, however she was approached by HYBRID Owner, Eric Donavan about a job here at HYBRID which she jumped at.

On July 8th, 2017, Stacy defeated her half-brother, Seifer Black to become HYBRID Evolution Champion and has held the title ever since, she's also been one of the people heavily involved in the fight against Michael Rivers and the Children of Nephilim.

After almost a year long battle with Rivers and the Children which included with them kidnapping her mother and costing her the Evolution Championship, Stacy along with The Resistance finally put the war to rest defeating them at Predator & Prey. Since then, Stacy has been on a journey to finally claim the top prize on Unleashed, that being the Grand Championship.

On December 29th, 2018 at the Extinction Event Pay-Per-View, Stacy would finally realise her dream when she defeated Seras Smith-Collins, becoming the first person to do so in one on one competition since HYBRID opened, to become the new Grand Champion. 
Strengths:  1) Her small frame can be very deceiving, she has defeated men and women three times her size so she should never be underestimated by her small stature.
2) Her wrestling experience, she was trained by her ex-husband who is a former five time World Heavyweight Champion as well as being a three time Hall of Famer so she has a vast knowledge of wrestling.
3) Her heart, drive, determination and love for wrestling and her unwillingness to give up. Stacy has been through a lot during her career yet she refuses to stay down and quit. 
Other Feds:  HYBRID Wrestling  
Weaknesses:  1) Despite her finally achieving the biggest prize in HYBRID, the monster inside of her that is her depression keeps telling her that she'll never be considered as great as previous champions and that she's never truly made her Dad proud.
2) When it comes to trusting people, Stacy has a strike system which is usually two. Once you break that trust the second time, you're out of her life completely, however on very rare occasions, she has a three strike system.
3) She cares deeply for her friends, so if anyone messes with them, she can become enraged and unpredictable, making her prone to making mistakes. 


  • You shall all suffer my Judgement! Your Final Penance is coming!


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