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Real Name:  Sean Fuller  
Hometown:  Unknown  
Birthday:  June, 6, 1982  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  246 lbs 


Biography:  He doesn't know a lot about his childhood, but he does know how to fight and more importantly he knows how to survive in this crazy world. His parents are pronounced dead; survived by an older brother as well as two younger siblings (a brother ans sister). No matter where Sean Fuller goes, he manages to find championship gold. Sometimes it feels like he desires his opponents to punish him with every match he takes. He refuses to submit and seems to enjoy the pain that is being inflicted on him until the point he passes out. 
Strengths:  -Precision
-Natural survival instinct
Other Feds:  Boardwalk Wrestling  
Weaknesses:  -Headstrong (stubborn)
-Loose Cannon
-Distracted (sometimes it appears as though he actually listens to the voices in his head and maybe even communicates back vocally. ) 


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