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Real Name:  Marius Manson  
Nicknames:  Darkness Incarnate, The Alpha of the Omega  
Hometown:  Parts Unknown  
Birthday:  Unknown  
Height:  6'10"  
Weight:  315 lbs 


Biography:  Little is known about the former Marius Manson. He was abandoned at birth and grew up in foster care and on the street. The things he saw taught him the true nature of humanity, both good and evil. He has taken all of that and morphed himself into Scourge, The Alpha of The Omega...Darkness Incarnate. 
Strengths:  - Extremely agile for his size.
- Very powerful.
- Very focused.
- Can sometimes seem almost impervious to pain, especially early in a match. 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  - Focus can sometimes become tunnel vision.
- Very large, making his legs a frequent target. 


  • I am the right hand of justice herself. I am the Alpha of the Omega. I am Darkness Incarnate.


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"Heavy is the crown for the weak...and I will not lose"

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