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Real Name:  Scott Dann  
Nicknames:  "The Enforcer"  
Hometown:  Oxford, England  
Birthday:  23rd May  
Height:  6'6"  
Weight:  305 lbs 


Biography:  The so-called 'enforcer' of 'The Wrestling Inspector' Stan Summers, it could be argued that Scott Dann is actually somewhere between a bodyguard, protege and assistant to Stan. The Brit splits his time between bouncing clubs and wrestling as a somewhat nomadic performer, with both jobs allowing him to do what he enjoys - namely, throwing his weight around!

The Enforcer respects Stan, but also isn't afraid of getting his verbal jabs in when he can. He is a simple, no frills guy with a simple, no frills approach to pretty much everything that he does. 
Strengths:  Power and physical strength.

Straightforward approach means he rarely gets into trouble through overcomplicating situations.

Benefits from the influence of 'The Wrestling Inspector'. 
Weaknesses:  Comparative lack of speed and agility.

Inflexible tactics/approach can sometimes cause issues.



  • "Paradine's over-inflated ego has already contributed to a CWF career with more false promise than Richard Nixon during Watergate."


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