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Real Name:   
Nicknames:  Living Dead Doll  
Hometown:  Nashville, Tennessee  
Birthday:  02/14/1990  
Height:  5'5  
Weight:  125 lbs 


Biography:  Savannah is just a small town southern girl from Nashville, Tennessee. She was born to Jasmine and Nathan Rose on 02/14/1990. She has an older sibling named Hunter that was just 3 years older than her. Life was pretty good at first and they led a pretty normal and easy lifestyle. When Savannah was only 5 years old her father was in a terrible car crash and passed away on impact. The loss of her father devastated her mother and she was never really the same. She became completely co dependent and convinced that she could not live life without a man. Hunter and Savannah pretty much had to fend for themselves their whole lives and try their best to avoid whatever flavor of the week their mother had drug home for the night. When Savannah was 12 her mother finally got one of her men to put a ring on it but it was not anyone to be happy about. He was a abusive alcoholic that tended to stay lost in the bottle and get very verbally and physically abusive. Savannah began to become very self destructive at the age of only 16 and was constantly in fights in school and getting suspended. One day she was hiding out under the stands at a football game when a group of cheerleaders came walking by and started making fun of her for not being girly enough and fitting in with them. Savannah punched one of them in the face and sat on top of her punching her over and over before the principal finally pulled her off of her. When they called her parents her older brother Hunter who was a legal adult finally came to her rescue and picked her up to save her from having to face her mom. He told her that she was going to have to find an outlet for this anger and hostility so he took her the next day to enroll her in kickboxing. She immediately fell in love with the sport and never looked back. She has recently decided to try her hand at professional wrestling. Savannah is always polite spoken but also very sassy. She is beautiful and mysterious. 
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