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Real Name:  Samuel Braxton  
Hometown:  Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  
Birthday:  March 19, 1992  
Height:  173cms (5ft 8)  
Weight:  92kg (202lbs) lbs 


Strengths:  Sam has a strong martial arts background, able to hit very hard and very fast with various strikes. He is also agile and quick, often able to overcome opponents with attacks that come from any angle.
Sam is also a dare-devil, unafraid of big risk/high-reward moves and will improvise to his surroundings. Often acts on impulse and instinct.
Sam won’t back down from a challenge.

Close to the entirety of Sam’s career has been as part of a team, thus he is well versed and experienced in working in conjunction with Dean. They work in perfect harmony together and never miss a beat or a cue. It is near impossible for an outsider to turn the two against each other. 
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Weaknesses:  What Sam boasts in speed, athleticism and agility he lacks in size, strength and raw power. If his strikes and high-flying prove ineffective or disadvantageous he has little else to call upon.

Sam’s impulsiveness and stubborn streak can put him into difficult and dangerous situations. Even in matches. This also makes him somewhat susceptible to mind-games and psychology.

Sam is not as experienced or as well versed in single matches, more accustomed to a partner taking some of the offense and sharing the burden of the match. He tires somewhat quicker in singles matches, more so than his partner Dean. 


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