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Real Name:  Quentin Scarboro  
Nicknames:  "The American Thoroughbred"  
Hometown:  Lancaster, Pennsylvania  
Birthday:  5/5/1989  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  320 lbs 


Biography:  Scarboro grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, aka Farmville. His father, Lucas, is a blue collar worker, a proud Christian and a friend of many farming Amish families.
Quentin had a strong upbringing, with a reinforced sense of family values and well versed in determination and hard work, farming and helping various members of the communities in raising horses and livestock.

Early in his school years, Quentin became heavily involved in football and amateur wrestling. Quentin always enjoyed the ability to oppose his will on his opponents, no matter the sport. Quentin seemed to thrive in combat no matter the situation.

A hulking mass of man, Quentin graduated high school and went on to join the football and wrestling programs at Penn State University, quickly establishing himself as a 5-star recruit at offensive guard and a near lock to be drafted to the NFL with a top 10 draft selection.

That is...until tragedy struck, and Quentin was forced to experience a true moment of introspection. A mass shooting massacre occurred at PSU, leaving many dead, and ending with Scarboro ending the shooter's spree and being recognized as a local hero.

Instead of pursuing combat or combat sports in general, Quentin decided to change his life on a dime, forgoing his senior year in college and any hope of making it big in the NFL....to become published and world-renowned author and activist against senseless violence.

Quentin's Book, "A Moment of Introspection" sold several thousand copies worldwide, with all the horrific details of that fateful day....but with nothing left to lose and seemingly less to hide... Quentin often wonders what would have happened... what if he would have pursued competitive immortality? 
Strengths:  Will of mind, endurance, impressive strength 
Other Feds:  None  
Weaknesses:  Relative in-experience dealing with the unsavory types that the wrestling industry employs 


  • Not even the man in the mirror can stop me now.
  • Today never happened before.


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