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Real Name:  Priscilla-Jasmine Blake  
Hometown:  Seattle, WA  
Birthday:  10.16.98  
Height:  5'0"  
Weight:  110 lbs 


Biography:  She is the niece of multi-champion "The Tank" Hank Gunyon, daughter of Deborah and John Blake. Not long after Tank and Deborah reconnected after what seemed like a lifetime apart, PJ Blake was finally brought into the picture. This was her mother and father's worst nightmare. Someone to enable their babygirl's fantasy of becoming a professional wrestler. Tank pulled the strings and got her the training she needed. PJ Blake has lived a charmed life and everything is set out for her. Now she is threatening to break that wheel and forge her own path in life. 
Strengths:  Optimistic
Full of Energy
"No Quit" attitude.
(more to be added later)
Other Feds:  Returning role player from ages ago.  
Weaknesses:  "No Quit" attitude.
Short attention span
Lack of strength 


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"Two words to end all lames...BALLGAME!"

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