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Real Name:  Priscilla-Jasmine Blake  
Hometown:  Seattle, WA  
Birthday:  10.16.98  
Height:  5'0"  
Weight:  110 lbs 


Biography:  The daughter of Deborah and John Blake and niece of multi-time champion "The Tank" Hank Gunyon, PJ Blake has never been left wanting for anything. The day of her high school graduation, PJ Blake confronted her parents and told them she was not going to college or at least not some fancy school that would, without a doubt, monopolize all of her time and leave little to no room for anything else. She wanted to be a wrestler and yeah go to community college a few days a week. Her parents were displeased to say the least and even threatened to disinherit her, but none of that mattered. PJ was moving to Seattle, Washington and she was going to train with her Uncle's good friend and mentor Thomas "Drummer" Dragonali, who back in his day held championships from many different promotions. There wasn't a promoter who wouldn't see his star power and throw him to the top of the card. PJ worked hard, very hard; on both her studies in the ring and in the classroom. She majored in marketing because it seemed the most logical choice. About one-year in Priscilla Jasmine Blake had paired off with another girl training by the name of Lexi Smith. These two were inseparable when they finally became friends. Yeah, the road to friendship was rocky, but with a little nudging they were able to throw their differences in the trash and persevere and become one of the hottest tag teams in the entire northwest of the United States. This frightened Deborah Blake, who still had hope for her daughter. She would approach Lexi and turn her against her own daughter, forever scarring PJ. PJ's darkness would rise from the ashes of her recently deceased friendship and Ana Archia would be born, bringing her to championship glory and fame with friends like Serena Ransolver and later Natasha Dragonali there to back her up, but after that glory PJ "woke up" and for some reason that part of her life was a mystery to her. Until she signed with Championship Wrestling Federation and Ana started to seep through the cracks. 
Strengths:  Optimistic
Full of Energy
"No Quit" attitude.
(more to be added later)
Passion (heart) 
Other Feds:  Returning role player from ages ago.  
Weaknesses:  Slightly naive (a rookie)
Short attention span (ADHD)
Charges first, thinks second 


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