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Real Name:   
Nicknames:  Dangan Jigoku  
Hometown:  Tokyo, Japan  
Birthday:  03/23/1985  
Height:  5'11  
Weight:  228 lbs 


Biography:  Fringes.

Pete Whealdon's career could be defined by constantly being on the fringes of fulfilling his potential. It started eleven years ago in Los Angeles. Times were looser then, fresh from training with his first tag team partner in tow, Whealdon quickly rose to just about _that_ level where people began to care what he did.

Instead of meeting this rookie of the year potential, the first of many fades happened, resetting the clock, and resetting his career. First it was injuries from a style that was too reliant on breathless action.

Then it was drugs.

Finally, he simply lost to a better man in the Ultratitle. His last real match on American soil. By this time, Whealdon was mired heavily in alcohol and a nasty promethazine habit.

His one real friend, Eric Dane, had enough, and cut him loose after letting him and a couple of flunkies flounder around DEFIANCE.

When the bitterness was done setting in, and the bridges were burned. The phone calls, texts, and emails went unanswered and unreturned, Whealdon returned to Japan. Where you would generally assume he turned things around, flowery happy ending...

.. Except not. He got clean, he retuned his craft, and still sat on the benches. Maybe his mentors in Japan felt like he was going to burn them as well, so he sat around reading novels and playing video games. Bored, ignored, and feeling the time where he could've been an ace passing like sands through the hour glass, he worked the Japanese indy scene, and returned to America at the behest of Eric Dane.




Strengths:  Striking- Whealdon is known to have strong shoot style kicks and knee strikes.

Distractions- One hold over from the defiance days, is Whealdon's in-ring ability to get inside peoples heads. With stalling tactics such as taking cigarette breaks.

Pacing/Endurance- Whealdon's singular ability to drag matches on and on towards time limit gives him an advantage as the heavy body blows start to add up. 
Weaknesses:  Size- While there has been the addition of lean muscle, there isn't any way to disguise that he is a classic cruiserweight.

Pacing- Whealdon doesn't like to, or really want to work fast from the bell.

Attitude- Whealdon may or may not give much of a shit beyond where he is directed by Eric Dane, and the lack of urgency and slightly dickish boredom is usually apparent 


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