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Real Name:  Martin Elric Bailer  
Nicknames:  PandaKing  
Hometown:  London  
Birthday:  N/A  
Height:  5 feet 8 inches  
Weight:  250 lbs 


Biography:  Pandalike’s personal backstory:

Pandalike’s CWF backstory:

Read from Season 2.

At an evolution show it was announced that a plane carrying Pandalike and other wrestlers was gone missing.

After a long time a masked man by the name of Revenant showed up. He wore a mask to hide his identity and was under the control of Schamor. He later joined the infamous Ouroboros and was experimented on numerous times. As time passed it took a toll on his body and Revenant started to forget memories of himself fighting. The hold that Ouroboros and Schamor had over Revenant broke when SSRI fell apart.

Jake (Martin’s Brother) rescues Revenant from the prison Schamor kept Revenant in. Revenant discovers his identity and finds out he is a father to a child named after her sister. Lucy. Karin (Lucy’s Mother) tells Revenant to fight for his daughter.

Before Summer Games Revenant goes up against Duce Jones for the qualifying match and within the match Duce kicks away the mask of Revenant. Finally revealing the man behind was always Martin Bailer and Pandalike finally returns to CWF one more time.
Other Feds:  N/A  


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