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Real Name:  Icarus Jinx  
Nicknames:  "The Truth", "The Devil's Advocate", "The Fang-tastic Frightmare"  
Hometown:  The Catacombs  
Birthday:  October 31st, 1984  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  222 lbs 


Biography:  Ophelia McVeigh was born on Halloween Day of 1984 as Icarus Jinx to an alcoholic mother and cancer-ridden father. He was born in the crime-riddled metropolis of Sinister City, Nevada. One day Icarus was walking with his dad, when a criminal who had escaped from prison held up Icarus' dad. The escapee was hell bent on forcing Ophie's father to hand over all of his money.... but he refused. He was shot right in the head, and Ophelia was left without a father, the man he looked up to so much. Ophelia weeped for about a week straight, age 9.

He was left living with his abusive mother, till he became 18, and he couldn't escape fast enough. He moved to a mostly unknown location, which he referred to as the 'Catacombs', an underground temple he dedicated to not a being, but a way of life. The way of 'The Truth'. He became a preacher of the word he believed in after living through hell all his life. Vice. Letting the world know that fighting the urge to live against the rules of society only traps us in a cage. Ophelia heard of the CWF from its owner, Justin Rischel. CWF..... #pray. 
Strengths:  Agility, knowledge of a variety of suplexes and submissions, confidence. 
Other Feds:  SWC, XAW, MCW, AWA, AWE, BOB, WSE, WCWF, FTW, SkyFall, WARPED, Boardwalk Wrestling, Force1, a WWF video game-based fed & the XWF  
Weaknesses:  Overly powerful/strong/large opponents. Fast food, flowers, teenage girls and the occasional chick flick. 


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