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Real Name:  Princess  
Nicknames:  Little Miss O  
Hometown:  Wonderland  
Birthday:  21st March 1986  
Height:  5'10"  
Weight:  175 lbs lbs 


Biography:  Omega was born and raised in the Spirit Science Research Institute. Raised to be the Princess, the union of two great Institute families, Omega would be nicknamed the girl in the velvet mask - waited on hand and foot, denied nothing, yet kept a strictly guarded secret hidden from all but the highest ranking members of the Institute itself.

Finally in 2002, the Princess would flee the Institute, taking on the name Omega as a reminder that all things end. She would return to her ancestral city of York, England. There she would meet fellow defectors Elijah, aka the Prodigy. The two of them have been together ever since, building a life in wrestling, alternately fighting and fleeing from the Institute. 
Strengths:  Manic, full of energy, high pain threshold 
Weaknesses:  Easily distracted 


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