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Real Name:  Nathan Paradine  
Nicknames:  "The Australian Submission Machine", "The Nomad", "The Hostile Exile"  
Hometown:  Melbourne, Australia  
Birthday:  26/04/1974  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  A former stalwart of the wrestling scene in both America and Japan, nobody had seen or heard from Nathan Paradine in over five years until James Milenko convinced the retired wrestler to return to action to support the Hostility Wrestling Federation during their cross-branded event with the Championship Wrestling Federation. Although Paradine fought in a losing effort, he remained with the CWF afterwards and quickly made a name for himself with several notable victories over Lindsay Troy, Xander Daniels and Tom Marrow.

Although his win-loss record remains varied, in the ring Paradine competes by one rule and one rule only; when you cross the Australian Submission Machine, you tap... or you snap.
Strengths:  - Submission expert, with extensive knowledge of dozens of professional wrestling holds and escapes.

- With over twenty years in a wrestling ring under his belt, Paradine is an accomplished ring general with exceptional awareness and experience with a variety of match types.

- Although his career has taken him all over the world, Paradine has primarily competed in America and Japan and is familiar with almost any discipline of professional wrestling, whether it be strong-style, lucha libre or even old fashioned sports entertainment.

- Although Paradine has his own code of honour that he abides by, he isn't afraid to bend the rules occasionally to gain an advantage in a match. 
Other Feds:  sVo, Hostility  
Weaknesses:  - Paradine tends to frustrate easily. If he can't lock in a submission hold or keep an opponent grounded, he'll start to make mistakes.

- Often underestimates his opponents and relies on locking in a submission hold instead of taking advantage of the opportunity for a power move.

- Doesn't play well with others. Throughout his career Paradine has a history of failed tag teams and stables, leading him to develop somewhat of a "lone wolf" persona.

- Does not go to the top rope unless truly desperate. Paradine prefers to keep himself planted on the mat and close to the ring unless in extreme circumstances. 


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