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Real Name:  Undisclosed  
Nicknames:  The One Woman Party Favor  
Hometown:  Tonawanda  
Birthday:  10-25-1986  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  179 lbs 


Biography:  Not much is known about Mia, her past, or where she even came from. One day CWF had its fair share of crazy's and the next? Enter Mia Rayne. It's like someone thought of a wild and zany character to add to the CWF roster and POOF!

After a rocky start in CWF Mia quickly found footing once she was approached by The Shadow, representing The Forsaken. Since then Mia has shown the CWF Universe a thing or two about "crazy." She is romantically involved with Ataxia and has been known to carry around a cast iron skillet she affectionately calls "Link."

Recently she has been on a winning streak, gaining a non title fall victory over The Lost Boys with The Shadow as her partner and most recently/notably beat Azrael in a sadistic "Hope on a Rope" match at CWF's most recent PPV, "Paradise." 
Strengths:  ~ Psychotic and probably certifiably so, but not insane. She has ring smarts and does her best not to let emotion overtake her.

~ Physical Strength. She's 6'1" and has been working out. What she doesn't have in strength, she makes up for in leverage.

~ Not afraid to "bend" the rules. If she see's an advantage, she'll take it if she can get away with it.

~ Sadistically creative. Matches that don't involve stringent rules are her strong suit. She loves doing things that people haven't seen before, or haven't seen in a while. 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  ~ Blood lust. It could be a weakness, a curse, or a strength really. She just goes to a different level when there's blood involved and it usually plays into her matches should the gore show up.

~ Still not afraid to "bend" the rules. While she isn't afraid, that doesn't make her immune to being caught by the over zealous ref, or an opponent that just doesn't want to learn their lesson the easy way. She won't go out of her way to get DQed, but something she views as perfectly fine, might not be ok with the official zebra.

~ Long hair. It's long hair and it will get pulled. She doesn't like it when random people pull her hair.

~ Short temper. There isn't much that will make Mia see red. But when she does, there isn't much that can be done to quell her fire, and there isn't much that can be done to stop her. That's not to say that she will throw a tamper tantrum at every two count or rope break...But if someone actually tries to make her ANGRY, there will be hell to pay. I could list triggers for her anger, but where would the fun in that be? 


  • Beneath the Madness lies the truth!
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