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Real Name:  Maximilian Ode Beckermann  
Nicknames:  YOUR Max Becker, The Highest Paid Star in CWF, The Backbone of Cologne  
Hometown:  Köln, Germany  
Birthday:  1st July 1982  
Height:  6'5"  
Weight:  325 lbs 


Biography:  Maximilian Ode Beckermann, now wrestling under the ring name Max Becker, is a German professional wrestler. The obese heavyweight both hails and is billed from Cologne, Germany.

Max completed his extensive training in Ireland and later debuted in June 2015 for GCW. His heavy, athletic physique coupled with his witty trash talking abilities was the prime reason for his immediate success. His dominance in GCW was highly unusual for a superstar in their rookie years.

Max had developed a cult following which was rapidly growing by early 2017. Max referred to his ‘cult’, or fans, as the ‘Becker Brigade’ and ‘Brigaders’ on screen. To their surprise, Max had signed to exclusively work with DRAGON Wrestling Japan in April 2017.

Unfortunately for Max, despite his in ring work being a huge success, his microphone abilities were completely lost on an Eastern crowd and he never quite achieved the stardom perhaps expected. Becker’s wages were so high that DRAGON Wrestling Japan had no alternative but to refuse contract extension for 1st January 2019.

Max joined CWF in the fall of 2018. He quickly made a name for himself with some big wins and a strong Modern Warfare showing.

Max Becker, now known as 'Your Max Becker', has aligned with Christopher St. James and Ava Rae from Hostility. At the Modern Warfare PPV, Max signed deals with both shows that gave him 2 CWF contracts; making him the highest paid star in CWF. 
Strengths:  Submission, Ironman 
Other Feds:  Germanic Championship Wrestling (GCW, Fictional, 2015-2017, as ‘Maximilian Becker’), DRAGON Wrestling Japan (Fictional, 2017-2019, as ‘Max Becker’).  
Weaknesses:  Ladder, Steel Cage, HIAC (anything requiring heights and bumps) 


  • You will be played by the brigade.
  • Mission: Submission.


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