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Real Name:  Magdalena Marie Lockheart  
Nicknames:  "The Artist", "The Future", "Maggie, Magnificent"  
Hometown:  Inwood, New York  
Birthday:  October 31st, 1996  
Height:  5' 3"  
Weight:  111 lbs 


Biography:  Magdalena Lockheart, simply put, is a young professional wrestler and an aspiring artist trying to find her place in both of these unique worlds.

In wrestling, She actively pursues a greater technical knowledge and overall understanding of the concepts of multiple fighting disciplines; mainly those used primarily for self-defense. She's short, small, yet durable. Lockheart has grown by leaps and bounds since starting her career in the UGWC WrestleStock Open Cup and EWC's development brand Future Stars of Wrestling. She has gone on to win multiple championships and even became Carnage Wrestling's second Monarchy of Anarchy tournament winner (2018). She's smart, sneaky, and finds ways to pull out victories even when the odds are stacked against her.

As an artist, she came into ownership of "The Paper Street Tattoo Company", a small tattoo parlor in the Bronx. She was highly talented as a drawer (on any medium including with a tattoo gun) until the rigors of her professional wrestling career gave her an injury where her hands shake unwittingly. The original site of the parlor burned down adding even more turmoil to an already tumultuous relationship between her and her shop manager, Nadette Fischer. Maggie has not stepped into the "new" parlor as of yet. She has also not drawn anything since her injury and she has doubts that she ever will again. 
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