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Real Name:  Fredrik Tønnesen  
Nicknames:  "The Chiseler" "Modern Day Da Vinci"  
Hometown:  Oslo, Norway  
Birthday:  14/10-97  
Height:  5'10  
Weight:  180 lbs 


Biography:  Ever since he was a child in his hometown of Norway, Fred loved to act and perform. When he was eighteen he moved to Norway's capital, Oslo, to study philosophy and to continue looking for himself as an actor. Few expected he would find himself in a square ring, yet he did. Combining his great intellect and charming personality, Fred started working on mastering martial arts such as Jiu-Jutsu, Judo, and modernised submission wrestling. A year later he emerged, having developed a system, combining his own analytical, cool-headed logic, with ancient martial art techniques. Now, he has one goal, to use this system to his advantage, and to prove how he, the maestro, has mastered wrestling. However; could his own arrogance and his unwillingness to admit his own flaws hinder him from achieving greatness? 
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"Heavy is the crown for the weak...and I will not lose"

- Freddie Styles

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