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Real Name:  Lucas Greene  
Nicknames:  "The HIGH Flyer", "Mr. 420"  
Hometown:  Arcata, California  
Birthday:  April 20, 1990  
Height:  5'10"  
Weight:  190 lbs. lbs 


Biography:  Growing up in Arcata, California, Lucas had been introduced to the pot smoking lifestyle at an early age. However, as much as he loved to indulge in the herb, it never seemed to hold him back, as he excelled in numerous athletic endeavours.

When he was old enough to head out on his own, Lucas knew exactly what he wanted to do, and set about touring the United States as a professional wrestler. After several years on the independant circuits, Lucas finally caught his big break, and was signed by HOSTILITY, a well known wrestling promotion at the time. He went on to have several notable feuds, and even captured their Hardcore Title shortly before the company closed its doors for good.

After that, Lucas returned to the indies, and even dabbled with commentating for some more prominant promotions. Lucas also worked at improving his overall physique and well being, finding a new THC infused workout shake that helped expand both his muscles and his mind.

Now, Lucas finds himself at the next evolution of his life. With chiseled abs, and red, squinty eyes, he looks to take CWF by storm, and smoke his competition away. 
Strengths:  Lucas is adept at high risk maneuvers, taking to the skies whenever possible. Also, since we last saw him, Lucas had hit the gym and increased his muscle mass, letting him attempt more power moves. Lastly, Lucas always seems very cool and calm under pressure. 
Other Feds:  Hostility, sVo  
Weaknesses:  He is ALWAYS stoned, and he sometimes misses important meetings due to lounging around the catering area with the munchies. 


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"The concession stands are now selling those cheap hotel room round soap disks that I have personally blessed for $100’s a bar….AND SINNERS….I suggest you buy one, and use it, because if you think your God wants you in his heaven smelling like a 3am New York City uber ride you got another thing coming."

- Kyuseishu

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