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Wrestling Info

Alignment Face
Manager n/a
Wrestling Style Hybrid  
Finisher Name The Crossroads  
Finisher Description 1. Combo Brax-Breaner and Sunshine Drive  
Setup Move  
Setup Move Description  
Special Moves Rare Finishers:
Final Destination (Powerbomb and Double Knee Backbreaker)
Final Destination 2 (Powerbomb and Diving Somersault Neckbreaker) 
Move Set 1. Green and Gold (Frog Splash from Dean and Standing/Diving Leg Drop from Sam)
2. Cyclone Sam/Dean (Cyclo-Rana with a pop up assist from the partner)
3. Lost in Translation (True Blue Thunder Bomb by Dean and Jumping Neckbreaker from Sam)
4. Gone Walkabout (Pop-Up by Dean into a lifting kick to the opponent’s midsection by Sam)

Team Common Moves:
1.Double Suplex
-Northern Lights
2. Double Dropkick
3. Catapult into
-Forearm smash, draping opponent over the knees, followed by a slingshot Hilo
4. Drop Toe Hold into
-Sliding dropkick, leg drop or Wizard from Aus
5. Double Hip Toss
6. Double Back Body Drop
7. Northern Lights Suplex onto outstretched knee
8. (Rolling snapmare by Sam into) stereo roundhouse kicks to opponent’s chest and back
9. Dropkick/Missile Dropkick and German/Vertical Suplex 
Entrance Music Become the Enemy by Like A Storm  
Ring Entrances The music hits and Sam slides out onto the stage. He remains on his knees and waits for Dean to march onto the stage, standing behind him. Together they look around the arena and to the ring before Sam leaps to his feet, throws back the hood of his jacket and sprints down to ringside. He waits, kneeling on the apron for Dean, who strides down the ramp to join his partner, kneeling on the apron. Together they look once again around the arena then enter the ring and ascend neighbouring turnbuckles. They raise their hands in front of their faces, fingers interlocked for a moment then descend back to the ring 


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"Heavy is the crown for the weak...and I will not lose"

- Freddie Styles

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