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Biography Sam and Dean are evidence of the adage, "Opposites attract". They met coincidentally in detention in a Brisbane high school, Sam who had just moved to the area had been caught putting firecrackers in the principals office, whilst Dean had insulted the intelligence of one of his teachers.
They hit it off and became friends from there, with Dean proving almost vital in helping Sam graduate school.
One profound commonality between the two friends was a shared interest in professional wrestling and truthfully not having many other career prospects before him Sam suggested becoming pro-wrestlers themselves. Dean, who was going into University, was already confident with his intellectual abilities, liked the idea of a physical challenge, so they took the first step and joined the Australian Wrestling Alliance training program. Realising he enjoyed it more than he thought, as soon as Dean graduated University the two threw themselves into the industry in earnest and were signed by the Australasian Wrestling Federation where they met Bobby Walker, a struggling talent who wanted to be more noticed by the company and the audience.
So they created a three-man stable named Thrillogy and took the Australian wrestling scene by storm, sweeping across the country and forging a name for themselves as a fun-loving team who constantly pushed themselves to greater athletic heights. They even found recognition across the waters, appearing in companies in Japan, Mexico, England and more, but always staying true to their Australian origins.
As the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end" and in 2015 the team separated, went into semi-retirement and for the most part went their separate ways, taking with them their name and legacy. 
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