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Real Name:  Loki Synn  
Nicknames:  The Jagged Grin of CWF, The Knave of Knightmares, The Janusian Jester  
Hometown:  Wouldn't you like to know?  
Birthday:  Pick one and ask if it's right ;)  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  185 lbs 


Biography:  There isn't much known about Loki Synn or where she came from. One day The CWF was Jester free (that's the way to be!) and the next? Well... Loki showed up.

Since coming she has made it no secret that she has it out for The Forsaken and anyone and everyone that would ally themselves with them. On her debut she went one on one against Shadow, intentionally got DQed, and promptly informed The Shadow and the rest of The Forsaken that she is the only one that knows the true whereabouts of Mia Rayne.

Since coming to CWF Loki has been on a warpath, remaining undefeated and picking up victories over the likes of Harley Hodge and becoming number one contender for CWF's richest prize...

The World Heavyweight Championship.

Time will tell what other chaos will ensue with Loki Synn around, but one thing is for certain. Crossing Loki's path is a sure fire way to get a ticket into the hospital. 
Strengths:  **In no particular order**

1.) Violent: She's almost sadistically so, enjoying the pain that she inflicts, both emotional and physical.

2.) Fearless: To her, she's the baddest person on the CWF roster. She isn't intimidated by anyone or anything and will prove it if anyone would like to try her on this.

3.) Ring smart: Loki isn't the strongest or the fastest, but what she lacks, she makes up for in ring strategy and awareness. If someone is bigger she isn't going to try and lift them up and out power them, she'll try to out maneuver and out think. If they're a smaller opponent, she'll be quick and try to hit a momentum changing move at the right time.

4.) Patience: Loki has no problem picking her spots. Provided you haven't gone out of you're way to make her angry with you, she's cold and calculating in the ring, preferring to pick her spots as opposed to just going in swinging for the fences. 
Weaknesses:  1.) Rage: Loki gets pissed easily. If anyone enters her sights and want to try to impede her progress, she will stall and put everything on hold to teach lessons.

2.) Tunnel Vision: Loki has a goal and while not a lot of people may know what that goal is, she does and her eyes are set on it. She does have blinders on for the most part, but this goes back to getting in her way. Take off her blinders and have her focus on you and you all of a sudden have Loki Synn staring a hole through where your face used to be.

3.) Left sleeve and Mask: Want a good way to piss off Loki? Try to take off the sleeve on her left arm or mess with her mask. Dare you to. 


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