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Real Name:  Linus Stark  
Birthday:  8/21/80  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  190 lbs 


Biography:  Linus Stark was a company man. He started in the late 90's as an electrician, but as times progressed he got more into the technology side of things. The company he worked for, Sooler INC., utilized him for underhanded business practices and ended up firing him. Sooler is a forerunner in security systems in the arena business. Stark mastered the art of setting up hidden cameras and making the feed accessible to tablets. Arena owners can see upwards of 100 feeds all from the comfort of their cushy office.

With a threat and a wink, Sooler INC. fired Linus Stark and have blackballed him from the industry. He's wiry and tenacious and after working with arenas saw the wrestlers living luxurious lives and getting to fight for a living. He has mouths to feed at home and wants the money, and is looking forward to the fight. CWF is the first place he has ever wrestled. 
Strengths:  Desire to feed his family. 
Other Feds:  N/A  
Weaknesses:  No history in wrestling at all. 


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