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Real Name:  Lance LaRusso  
Nicknames:  The Pansexual Playboy  
Hometown:  Los Angeles, California  
Birthday:  June 19th, 1993  
Height:  6'0"  
Weight:  215lbs lbs 


Biography:  Lance LaRusso was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. With his father owning a large company, he’s always been sitting in the lap of luxury ever since he was born. This lax upbringing has lead to him being a pretty insufferable human being who is ignorant to how the world works. Never being told No as a child, Lance has indulged in just about every drug he could and his morals on sex are just as loose.
Though alongside his love for the finer things in life, LaRusso has always had a love for wrestling. Mainly coveting the cocky heels and their apparent stardom, Lance has used more than his share of his family’s money on personal trainers and instructors so that he can mold his drug filled body into something capable of going in the ring.

And after a few months on the indies, he found himself lucky to sign onto a much bigger federation, taking it as his chance to finally tour the world and party in every city he finds himself coming through. The only things he’s taking with him are his charm, good lucks, copious amounts of drugs, and of course, the only person willing to put up with him, longtime best friend Ashley “Ash” Hunter, a nerdy dude who acts as Lance’s impulse control.
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