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Real Name:  Hoyt Williams  
Nicknames:  The Holy Samurai  
Hometown:  Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan  
Birthday:  7/4/77  
Height:  6'5"  
Weight:  275 lbs 


Biography:  Born to the late great wrestling legend "The Malice Man" Duke Williams who was a hell raisin country boy that drank and fought across the country.

Hoyt lived in the shadows of his dad and hardly knew him as he lived on the road. Raised by his mother on the mean streets of Chicago, Hoyt witnessed her murder at the hands of street thugs.

While lost in life he found the church and took comfort there, and decided to live a pure god fearing life.

Hoyt started hearing the voices from heaven. Believing he was the son of God Hoyt took to his fathers profession and became a wrestler thinking it was his best chance at spreading his prophesy.

It worked as the egocentric wrester tormented the audience for all their faults explaining why they never will reach heaven.

Truly hated Hoyt kept on fighting until he become Universal Champion in PRIME.

As America softened their understanding of the world, Hoyt's rhetoric was seen as racist by many, and nationalistic by most. Times were a changing. Burnt out on wrestling Hoyt was fired from PRIME after being labeled as a problem back stage. Most believe it was actually due to a series of posts that the internet wrestling community found to be racist.

With a stigma no promoter would touch him and he slide into obscurity. His church soon went bankrupt and Hoyt lost everything.

With no bookings Hoyt left America and found great success in Japan, where he was called Kyuseishu (The Savior). It helped that his father was a legend known for bloody matches with Giant Baba. Thanks to the family history fans quickly became invested. The Japanese embraced him and his crazy antics. Over the years he came to learn their style of wrestling and gained a lot of respect. Having some legendary matches in th Toyko Dome his legacy has been set and money regained. His father always said go west young man, and so now is the time for Hoyt to return back to the country he once tried to save. Now a sainted Samurai with age and wisdom on his side his mission seems to have taken on a darker tone.

Sinners should fear.
Strengths:  -Powerful and knows how to use it.

-Great ring psychology ranging from brawler to Japanese Strong Style. He knows how to sell and tell a story in the ring.

-A great cheater who will do anything to win.

Loves to go hard and lay in strong strikes. 
Other Feds:  PRIME, NJPW  
Weaknesses:  -Not the most athletic, and lacks speed.

-Can get distracted by the crowds taunts. Sometimes over playing being a showman instead of a fighter.

-A bad left knee that sometimes causes problems.

-Holds moves to long that drain his stamina. Like holding a piledriver to show off to the crowd for longer than needed. 


  • WWKD: What would kyuseishu do?
  • The concession stands are now selling those cheap hotel room round soap disks that I have personally blessed for $100’s a bar….AND SINNERS….I suggest you buy one, and use it, because if you think your God wants you in his heaven smelling like a 3am New York City uber ride you got another thing coming.


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