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Real Name:  Allen Jones  
Hometown:  Memphis, Tennessee  
Birthday:  September 26, 1978  
Height:  6'6"  
Weight:  245 lbs 


Strengths:  Seasoned Vet - Krayzie has right at about 20 years of experience in the business.

Violent - He is lengthy knowledge of how to inflict pain. Thanks to competing majority of his career in hardcore and death matches and he has the scars on his body to prove it.

Stiff Fighter - He's not afraid to punch someone in the mouth. And is known for having some of the hardest chops in the business.
Weaknesses:  High Threshold for Pain - Although he is able to take a hit, just as well as he can give one. But it doesn't do him any favors.

Concussion Prone - Has a history of concussions, reason being why he retired


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"Heavy is the crown for the weak...and I will not lose"

- Freddie Styles

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