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Real Name:  K. Carlton Davison III  
Nicknames:  The Next Generation God  
Hometown:  Loveladies, NJ  
Birthday:  12/19/1995  
Height:  5' 11"  
Weight:  207 lbs. lbs 


Biography:  KCIII, as he chooses to be called, is the son of former professional wrestler "Godly" Ken Davison. He was trained for a career in profession wrestling by his uncle, former professional wrestler "Swingin" Sean Pollux. Though their relationship was strained, KCIII chose the monicker of the "Next Generation God" as an homage to his father. He also uses his father's finishing hold, a double claw hold, as his finisher.

Striving to get his father's attention, he had signed with Boardwalk Wrestling in an attempt to not only gain his father's attention, but also his favor. He has inherited his father's intelligence, as well as his father's ability to adapt quickly. During his time in Boardwalk, KC3 made peace with his father. After leaving BW, KC3 travelled the world, wrestling internationally to learn different styles. 
Other Feds:  Formerly Boardwalk Wrestling  


  • When you're God, you don't have the break the rules. YOU MAKE THEM!!!


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