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Real Name:  Darius Leonidas, name officially changed after death of father.  
Nicknames:  The Greek Physique, The Lion of Athens, The Mediterranean Massacre  
Hometown:  Athens, Greece.  
Birthday:  10/16/1980  
Height:  6’4’’  
Weight:  239lbs lbs 


Biography:  Biography will have to be detailed in future for not having the old detailed information of yore; put he comes a rich import/export shipping family. But athletics was always his true passion excelling in Greco Roman freestyle wrestling both collegiately and future. A foray into professional wrestling followed and only made further assurance of his ability to stray from the family business that he felt bound him as the eldest son. Here he excelled into stardom becoming the premier star in every federation whom employed him, imposing his will into gold and fame. For a time he stepped away, a hiatus caused by injury and other personal interests that saw him do so many things in his time away including finding himself back to his true love, wrestling.

Former Championships:

W(f)WA World, and National Champion.

Gladiators of the Eternal City
Heavyweight Champion
White Mountain Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
Summit Champion(self instated)
Hudson River Wrestling
Hudson Valley Championship

Appearance: grizzled vet at almost 40 yrs old, grey flecked prominently throughout short but slicked back hair, heavily tattooed upper body depicting Greek mythological and gladiatorial themed tattoos on chiseled physique. Ring gear either consisted of fighting in actual suits or actual ring gear.

Gimmick: Rich. Pompous greek foreigner. Suits. Lots of eating. All the stereotypes. He’s tenured though now. Veteran. Doesn’t have to do this. Entitled.

Three Weaknesses: cockiness/ego gives opponents time to recovery
Lots of injuries
Ring rust

Three Strengths:
Other Feds:  W(f)WA, GEC, HRW, WMW  


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