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Real Name:  Jeffery Damien Morin-Jackson  
Nicknames:  The Killer, The Judge  
Hometown:  Halifax  
Birthday:  May 20th, 1980  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  235 lbs 


Biography:  Jeffrey Damien Morin-Jackson was born on May 20th, 1980 in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Early in life it became clear something wasn't quite right with him. He was diagnosed with split personality disorder around age 7 or 8. His "alter ego" took on his middle name and mother's maiden name due to his parents' divorce.

After several years of counseling, the right medication combination, and a few stays in the local psychiatric hospital, Jeff managed to control Damien enough to function in society.

One of his dreams was to get into professional.wrestling. After a standout amateur career in high school and college, he did just that in 2000. He debuted in WWWC, going an undefeated 6-0 and winning both the Intercontinental and Tag Team Championships before the company closed.

After floating for a few years and training more, he found his way to the Deadly Wrestling Alliance in 2004. After a few weeks, he found himself at odds with the General Manager and appeared to quit.

Shortly after, a mysterious man with long silver hair, clean shaven, and wearing all black appeared in DWA. Damien Morin won his debut match, and with the announcement of said GM being fired, revealed himself as Jeff Jackson once more.

He had a solid run in DWA. He never managed to capture a title, but was consistently in the running for every available one at some point in the run.

DWA eventually partnered with Wrestling Action Revolution. After some time, DWA decided to close up shop. Jeff made the jump to WAR full time and became their equivalent to Hardcore Champion.

Once his run in WAR ended, Jeff floated again for some time. He eventually ended up in Reality Check Wrestling
as both competitor and co founder simultaneously. He thought he had finally reached his goal.

He survived his signature Prison Riot Deathmatch against his former friend and co founder Big Daddy P, plus a 15 man Rumble match (where BDP made him number one) to capture the RCW Cosmos Championship.

Despite this feat, the roster cried foul and claimed he was hogging the spotlight. Once the core crew left, Jeff decided that wasn't going to be his legacy and closed RCW so he could focus on "earning" another World Championship.

He eventually won Anarchy Wrestling's original top title, the AW Heavyweight Championship. However, the company had just launched an official World Championship that technically trumped the Heavyweight Championship.

Having been denied his ultimate goal by circumstance once again, Jeff continued with AW for a while but was clearly losing himself. He eventually reemerged with his hair grown out, face paint, and behaving maniacally. He may not have been using the name, but Damien had clearly resurfaced.

Eventually Jeff and Damien had an Arrowverse Emma/Killer Frost moment and Damien now sleeps until called upon. Jeff took several years off, returning briefly in some revival attempts of some of his former wrestling homes. Eventually he went into virtual exile from the business.

Upon hearing that one of his students had come to CWF, he began watching. He briefly considered returning to team with his protege, but it never came to be. Once CWF closed, he thought he'd go back to training and call it a day.

Then he received the text that changed everything. His protege sent him a simple message. "CWF is back. I'm not available for their World Title tournament. Management says I can offer it to you. It's yours if you want it."

Jeff knew what he had to do. The time had finally come to fulfill his dream. He trained harder than ever. He's in the best shape of his career, he's got Damien in his back pocket, and he's ready to claim his destiny. 
Strengths:  Versatile, tough as nails, never say die attitude. 
Other Feds:  Too many to list.  
Weaknesses:  Left Knee from past injuries. 


  • As Jeff Jackson: Quoth the Killer...nevermore. As The Judge: I am he who was chosen by the fates. I am the manifestation of Justice herself. Walk with me, or be one of the judged.


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