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Real Name:  Joseph Lee  
Nicknames:  The Answer  
Hometown:  Jersey City, New Jersey  
Birthday:  March 8, 1976  
Height:  6'5  
Weight:  255 lbs 


Biography:  JC is a nineteen-year veteran and a former five-time world champion. He is the last OWF champion ever. He's hoping to get his sixth and possibly final World title in CWF before he hangs it up for good. 
Strengths:  Has nineteen years of experience.

In the best physical shape for his frame, enabling him to put some speed behind his boot.

Tends to surprise people with his technical ability given his size. 
Other Feds:  Carnage Wrestling  
Weaknesses:  Has a history of concussions that have put him on the shelf in the past.

Suffered a broken neck fourteen years ago that took him out of wrestling for two years.

Easily angered. 


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"The concession stands are now selling those cheap hotel room round soap disks that I have personally blessed for $100’s a bar….AND SINNERS….I suggest you buy one, and use it, because if you think your God wants you in his heaven smelling like a 3am New York City uber ride you got another thing coming."

- Kyuseishu

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