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Real Name:  Jarvis King  
Nicknames:  The Icon, "East Coast Excellence"  
Hometown:  Halifax  
Birthday:  August 20, 1984  
Height:  6'1"  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  Jarvis is a CWF legend, and has done it all in the company. All that he has in front of him is the uncertainty of establishing his legacy.

Achievements: CWF Grand Slam winner; most successful defenses of the CWF title in 2010. Former CWF commissioner. CWF Hall of Famer. 
Strengths:  Experience
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  King has a weak neck and a history of knee issues 


  • I am The Icon. I am East Coast Excellence. I am Jarvis King, and you will Bow Down.


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"The concession stands are now selling those cheap hotel room round soap disks that I have personally blessed for $100’s a bar….AND SINNERS….I suggest you buy one, and use it, because if you think your God wants you in his heaven smelling like a 3am New York City uber ride you got another thing coming."

- Kyuseishu

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