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Real Name:  Jack Michaels  
Nicknames:  "The Blast"  
Hometown:  Las Vegas, Nevada  
Birthday:  March 12th, 1967  
Height:  6'3"  
Weight:  250 lbs 


Biography:  Hero. Legend. Icon. These are just a few of the words used to describe the former boxer turned wrestler known as "The Blast". From 1997 until 2005, Jack was one of the most beloved and successful pro wrestlers in history with decisive victories over the best in the business during that run. A member of 7 halls of fame, Jack opted to semi retire in 2005 while at the top of his game in Extreme Wrestling Entertainment to raise a family and focus on his newly opened Mean Machine School of Wrestling. It wasn't until nearly a decade later at the age of 48 that Jack made a full fledged comeback to the sport and eventually became the EWE Undisputed Champion and held that title until the fed closed.

As his 50th birthday approached, Jack found himself listless and missing the run and gun lifestyle of pro wrestling. Combined with his utter disdain for the state of the sport, Jack funded High Stakes Wrestling as a way to try and bring back the moral code of honor and dedication so lacking in the modern game. His vision was unrealized, however, as more and more wrestlers became fly by night sensations and only furthered the disgust he had. Once again, Jack Michaels found himself lacing up the boots and winning the HSW World Title with his new stable Paragon. He soon gave up his stake in the company and, within a few months, financial problems forced HSW to close under the new management.

Today, Jack uses his wealth and school to continue and act as the defacto figurehead of the Paragon stable. Originally with his partner Amber Ryan, Jack found himself in Carnage Wrestling to support his vision as well as looking to bring whatever his has left in the tank to the Baltimore promotion. Within weeks, Jack made an impact by winning Ultimate Carnage 3's Wargames and solidifying himself as a true threat to be reckoned with even at his age. With a triple crown victory under his belt, a stable of like-minded wrestlers and a drive to make wrestling bigger than what the sport is, Jack has once again earned the respect of the fans and is a true hero in Baltimore. Now he finds himself reaching towards CWF with the hopes of keeping that dream alive.


... started boxing at 14, began fighting underground MMA at 23 and made his pro wrestling debut at 29.

... earned his nickname "The Blast" after knocking a man through a window during an underground MMA fight in the mid-90s.

... had an ex-wife named Valerie who divorced from Jack in 2007 and committed suicide in 2015.

... has an 19 year old daughter named Amber Michaels who goes to UNLV and has secret hopes to become a wrestler one day. Jack has an incredibly strong bond with his baby girl.

... MMSW LLC and the Jack Michaels brand includes several business endeavors throughout the country including a wrestling school and arena, a bar and grill, several gyms and a digital media promotion office. Jack's personal net worth was roughly 100 Million Dollars as of 2018.

... Growing up in Las Vegas, Jack has a strong bond with the city as they have followed him from his days as Las Vegas Golden Gloves champion to one of the most successful and wealthy athletes in it's history. Like a CM Punk in Chicago or a Ric Flair in Charlotte, Jack will be cheered as a hero regardless of his alignment at the time.

... started the stable Paragon as a way to help return respect to not only pro wrestling but sports in general.

... while not a big drinker, Jack enjoys Chivas Regal Scotch on ice with soda or a touch of water.

... is a gym rat and prides himself on the shape he is in at the age he is. Has an amazing gas tank and has been known to outlast wrestlers half his age.

... Is involved with Kyra Johnson and has much love for her and her young daughter Adina. The two of them, along with his own daughter Amber, share a mansion in Las Vegas. He considers Kyra to be his muse and would do anything for her.

Fighting Styles: Strong Style with a background in Catch As Catch Can and Brawling.

* As a former boxer, has vicious hitting power.

* Cunning and opportunistic as comes with his age.

* With over 30 years of combat sports under his belt, Jack is a sly strategist who wastes no movement in or out of the ring. He will do what needs top be done to win whether it means coming off the top rope, going for a pin at the right moment or bending a rule to his advantage.

* Don't let his age or business minded demeanor fool you, Jack houses a primal and destructive will to win that has earned him the moniker of The Blast. He will fight until his body quits and is not afraid to hurt himself in order to get a win. 
Other Feds:  Carnage Wrestling  


  • It's not just about being better than you; it's about hope in pro wrestling.


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