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Real Name:  Jace Valentine  
Nicknames:  The World's Greatest Advice, The King of Canadian Controversy, The Host with the Most  
Hometown:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
Birthday:  5/5/1975  
Height:  5'10"  
Weight:  233 lbs 


Biography:  Brash. Arrogant. Canadian. There’s not much else to say about Jace Valentine. His father was a politician, his mother a fashion designer. All his life, he watched his parents tell the masses of people what to do, what to think, what to wear. And he got good at himself, damn good. Valentine’s profession? A talk show host on the popular Canadian show “The World’s Greatest Advice”, where he tells the masses of people what to do, what to think and what to wear. Until one fateful day, when a guest on his show goads, no…dares him to become a professional wrestler.

Jace took the challenge head on, adapting to the wrestling industry and forging his place in history. After a few rough months of getting acclaimated, Jace quickly took to the competition. He was driven by wrestling, a physical escape that he never really had at that point in his life. And he was good at it. One of the best. He defeated the Blue Scorpion in championship matches. He defeated Jarvis King in championship matches. Psycho Ninja, King Nothing, Billy Anderson. Abigail Starr, Alex Cain, Anubis. The virtual who's-who of the CWF heyday. Jace climbed to the top of the mountain as CWF World Heavyweight champion, claiming the Paramount championship on the way there and holding it for over two months.

As Jace ascended his way through the ranks of the CWF, he dealt with his own personal issues. His own mother disowned him, after his father had passed away from a stroke in the middle of a re-election season. She blamed it on Jace, his attitude, his ego. His "controversy" and bad press that caused the Valentine family countless headaches and needless stress.

To teach Jace a lesson in humility, his mother paid a man named Felix Malone, the hired hitman, to abduct and torture Jace, and force him to miss a championship match and have to relinquish his championship. Jace figured out his mother's plan at the last moment, however, and paid off Felix Malone to foil his mother's schemes. Felix Malone and Jace Valentine would then go on to be half of a super group like CWF had never seen, along with Mindy and Synn Deville, the Dynasty of CWF.

As Jace escaped the turmoil that his mother wrought on him, he welcomed another woman into his life, Vegas Phillips, a young reporter for a local Montreal news station. Jace was in a vulnerable state in his life, and for the first time since he was a child...he was falling in love. Perhaps Vegas was falling for him too, but she had a responsibility to her employers to break a story. Jace Valentine was a huge name in the Montreal area, and worldwide as CWF champion, and tabloid style headlines would make her bosses heaps of money.

But before Jace's reign as champion could come to a natural end, before the Dynasty could grip their hands in the annuls of CWF history, and before he could figure out exactly what he had with Vegas Phillips, everything changed. Everything changed the day that Vegas called to tell Jace that she was pregnant. She called while Jace was driving, distracting him as he drove through a red light and barrelled right into a passing tractor trailer.

Jace Valentine had to give up his championship. He had to give up his spotlight. He had it all taken from him, everything he worked so hard to achieve. And that pissed him off, frustrated him to no end. His pain and anguish and torment from his injuries boiled over, as he lashed out at Vegas Phillips, telling her he never wanted to see him again after news "leaked" that Vegas was pregnant with the next generation of Valentine.

Jace was so angry, with the world, with Vegas, and with himself, that he convinced himself that Vegas was fabricating the whole story for news headlines. There was no baby, there was no love, it was just a trick, a ploy to embarrass Jace in his weakest moment. As Vegas leaves Jace's hospital bed, after months of surgery and physical therapy, she has tears running down her face. Jace, ever oblivious, drops the romantic line that every woman wants to hear the love of her life say -- "Go have an abortion!"

As you could probably predict, this lead to more news headlines and bad press. Vegas Phillips, and the news station she worked for, completely tore into Jace Valentine's reputation. Jace never seen her again, but every day had to deal with the abuse from the people who had turned their backs on him, that despised him with every passion of their being. Jace was quickly black-listed from working in Canadian media, and his talk show the "World's Greatest Advice" was cancelled, and even the re-runs weren't shown on air for fear of consumer backlash. Due to the damage the accident caused to his knees and other parts of his body, Jace spent six years trying to get back into the world of professional wrestling to no avail. No sane wrestling promoter would pass his physical. You didn't even need a doctor there, one look at Jace and you knew he was a broken old toy. Why risk taking on a personality so polarizing when you were convinced that he couldn't even compete? These wrestling organizations, they can find jobbers and stage hands on the street. They didn't need a Jace Valentine.

With his financial resources fading fast, Jace is staring at a reality of having to give up his lavish lifestyle. In an attempt to stop the bleeding, Jace agrees to face the media, to face Ryan Sunset, the new darling of Canadian media, on his talk show "Flashbacks", a show dedicated to rediculing and embarrassing fallen stars and "has-beens". While on the show, Jace gets the call he is waiting for...CWF has returned. Jace's temper gets the best of him as Ryan is peppering him with insults, and the show ends as Jace physically assaults Sunset, the host of the show, further villianizing himself in the eyes of the world's population.

CWF returns with the Wrestle Fest 3 event, where Jace has an opportunity to reclaim his championship from "The Ripper" Danny B in the End Games match, after defeating the Blue Scorpion again in a qualifying match. As Jace faces off with Danny B in the End Games cell, karma gets him again, as Ryan Sunset makes his way into the cell with a steel chair, laying waste to Jace Valentine and his damaged knee. The attack from Sunset and a vicious leghold from the then-champion Danny B is enough to end Jace's quest to reclaim the top prize, as he is eliminated from the End Games event. But what is next for Jace Valentine?

Is this the end of his story, destined to be an example for young ones everywhere that you just don't want to cross karma's path? Or will the phoenix rise from the ashes?

Jace Valentine will find his glory...one step, one fight, at a time. 
Strengths:  Cunning, charismatic. One of the smartest men in the room, but comes off as a self-absorbed oaf. 
Other Feds:  High Stakes Wrestling (Sole Survivor Match winner. You know it, I know it.)  
Weaknesses:  Sometimes Jace's level of effort is lacking, especially in matches that are not "big moments." His self centered nature can also be taken advantage of. 


  • My name is on belt plates. Your name is on a gravestone.
  • This is Jace Valentine's world, and you're just living in it.
  • Can you party like Jace Valentine parties, even for just one night?
  • I'm the World's Greatest Advice. I'm the Host with the Most. The Era of Arrogance. I have returned and I'm taking back what's mine!


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