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Real Name:  Isaiah Luck  
Nicknames:  "Mr. All Hustle, No Luck", "Legend of Tomorrow", "Thee Absolute"  
Hometown:  Charlotte, NC  
Birthday:  4-24-1989  
Height:  5'10  
Weight:  188 lbs 


Biography:  Isaiah grew up in a very small city known as Danville, Virginia. Not very much happened for this town after their huge money maker Dan River closed for business. When most people hear the name, Danville, it is automatically associated with the high crime rate. Living the average life, going to school earning a High School Diploma and Associate's in Business Management, Isaiah had a chance to try and do something he was passionate about. That was wrestle. He enjoyed wrestling, as he got into it at the age of 4 watching it with his grandfather, staying up way past allotted time since there was school the next day. He has many wrestlers to thank for getting him inspired to do get into the business. He met a friend who had been a wrestler for years and he decided to train him from ground up. He took him around the United States getting him a little bit of exposure and more training. Now was the time for Isaiah to make an effort on his own and try and make it in the harsh business of wrestling. That is why his first stop just so happened to be Carnage Wrestling. In his first year alone he competed in 18 shows for the entire year and that included pay per views in his rookie year. He certainly became a breakout star and would love to expand elsewhere. 
Other Feds:  Carnage Wrestling  


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