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Real Name:  Randall Knox  
Nicknames:  The Marathon Man  
Hometown:  Washington Heights, NY  
Birthday:  1/6/1986  
Height:  5'10"  
Weight:  191 lbs 


Biography:  Trained in the fabled Cooper's Gym under Terry Cooper himself, and two of his students - Eli Flair and Johnny Fizzbin. 
Strengths:  1. Stamina - His early career defining moment was a 118 minute run in a battle royal, thus his nickname.
2: Technical skill - he has forgotten more about mat wrestling than most could ever hope to learn. 
Weaknesses:  1. Adherence to rules - will never bend the rules, even against overwhelming odds.
2. Stubbornness - Often refuses to bend on things based on principle 


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"Two words to end all lames...BALLGAME!"

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