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Wrestling Info

Manager:  n/a
Alignment:  Face
Entrance Music:  Blow Me Away - Breaking Benjamin  
Ring Entrances:  The words “A New Player has Entered the Fight” flicker across the screen as the music starts to play and Impakt leaps onto the stage amidst a shower of white sparks. He rallies the crowd and rushes straight down the ramp. He slides under the ring ropes, into the ring and takes in his surroundings. Impakt steps up onto the ring ropes and raises his arm. 
Wrestling Style:   
Finisher:  1. Game Over 2. High Impakt  
Finisher Description:  1. Reverse Overdrive 2. Spiral Tap  
Setup Move:  Combo Breaker  
Favorite Weapon:  
Setup Description:  Super Kick  
Special Moves:  1. Critical Hit (Front Flip DDT) 
Moveset:  Backdrop
DDT/Inverted DDT
Hurricanrana Variations
Inverted Headlock Backbreaker/Running variation
Running Bulldog
Sunset Flip/Sunset Flip Bomb
Tilt-a-whirl Headscissors
Various Dives (Springboard/Slingshot etc)
-Crossbody Block
-Leg Drop
-Tope Con Giro
Various Kicks
-Back Sole
-Dragon Whip
-Dropkick (Springboard/Diving/Standing/Basement)
-Feint Roundhouse spun into an Enzuigiri
-Jumping Back
-Roundhouse (Handspring/Springboard)
-Spinning Heel Kick
Vertical Suplex, sometimes with a float-over pin

Matrix Evasion
Cartwheel Escapes/Evasions
Superman Landing after a failed/feint springboard or diving move 


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"WWKD: What would kyuseishu do?"

- Kyuseishu

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