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Real Name:  Unknown  
Nicknames:  The Black-and-Green Ranger, The Masked Millenial  
Hometown:  Unknown  
Birthday:  Unknown  
Height:  6'1  
Weight:  174lbs lbs 


Biography:  Little is known about the masked mystery man that calls himself Impakt, just that he grew up surrounded by wrestling and wants to break into the industry himself and enjoy every second in the ring, because he is not a man who believes in limits or boundaries. 
Strengths:  Speed and Agility: Impakt’s style is high-flying and strikes and in place of strength, has replaced it with agility, speed and accuracy.
Hardcore/Risk-Taker: There are few lines Impakt won’t cross in the ring
Resilience: Alongside Impakt’s penchant for hardcore and high-risk wrestling is his tolerance/resilience to pain and damage.
Driven: Though skimping out on the finer details, Impak hates being told no/he can’t do something and sees all obstacles and challenges as something to be overcome. 
Weaknesses:  Lack of Power/Power Moves: Because of his size and training Impakt lacks any significant power moves in his repertoire.
Impulsive/Impatient: Impakt will often act rashly.
Risk-Taker: Often his affinity for taking risks can put him in undesirable situations.
Lack of Experience and Confidence: There isn’t much in-ring experience to his name, but supposedly Impakt is no stranger to the ring. 


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