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Real Name:  Harley Hodge  
Nicknames:  The Accelerator  
Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY  
Birthday:  September, 12th, 1967  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  230 lbs 


Biography:  A retired wrestler, struggling with the pains of not keeping his body in tact, as well as his money, receives a flyer out a CWF reunion - his old stomping grounds. In order to regain his footing in life, to pay his bills and better himself, he's coming out of retirement. With going back into a realm that seemingly tore him apart, will Harley be able to control himself, maintain his inhibitions, and stay focused on his judgement.

Most importantly, will Harley find the greater good that he so drastically needs at this stage in his life? Will he become the superstar that he once was - or, has that bus passed? And if he does, will he able to handle what comes along with it? 
Strengths:  1. Solid Chin; Harley can take heavy blows to the face/chin in stride.
2. Experience; Harley has been in the game for decades now.
3. Determination; Harley is not one to give up very easily until he feels like all has been settled squarely. 
Weaknesses:  1. Determination; as much as this is a strength, this can easily be a weakness. Unwilling to give up, Harley puts his body at risk for injuries and gassing out subconsciously.
2. Legs/Knees - Harley's walking limbs have seen better days - having been through several major surgeries to get them to the place where they are at now. Though strong for the most part, it only takes a few intense blows to them to get Harley to start favoring them.
3. Emotions/Age; he wears his heart on his sleeve in the ring and takes every challenge that he faces incredibly serious - thus losing focus on the wear and tear his body goes through when he's at full intensity at this point in his life. 


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