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Real Name:  Frederick *redacted*  
Nicknames:  King of the Fall  
Hometown:  Atlanta, GA  
Birthday:  6/18/95  
Height:  6'2"  
Weight:  223 lbs 


Biography:  Freddie Styles has been a wrestling fan since he was 4 growing up in the shadow of Georgia Tech, when he watched the old CCW regional show for the first time, and got hooked. He wrestled on his HS wrestling team, and got a look-see from a bunch of promoters, but wasn't experienced enough. He got an invite from the 4Q wrestling school, and under the tutelage of James West, he earned his way into a local promotion. After 6 months, the fed went bankrupt, and he left to hone his craft in Mexico, and after a nice stint there and in the UK, Freddie comes to CWF looking to continue leaving his mark on the business 
Strengths:  Speed, technical prowess, ring generalship 
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  • Two words to end all lames...BALLGAME!
  • Heavy is the crown for the weak...and I will not lose


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"The concession stands are now selling those cheap hotel room round soap disks that I have personally blessed for $100’s a bar….AND SINNERS….I suggest you buy one, and use it, because if you think your God wants you in his heaven smelling like a 3am New York City uber ride you got another thing coming."

- Kyuseishu

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