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Real Name:  Eric Dane  
Nicknames:  The Only Star, The Hardcase, The End Boss, The Antagonist  
Hometown:  New Orleans, LA  
Birthday:  9/28/71  
Height:  6'4"  
Weight:  240 lbs 


Biography:  Having been in the business since the nineties, Eric Dane has seen a lot of people and a lot of fads come and go, but he's endured them all. In recent years he's been stuck behind the mountain of red tape that is running a somewhat successful promotion of his own. However, keeping it afloat and out of the hands of would be usurpers drained him and he left the business.

A few years passed.

Now, at 46 years old, The Only Star is on the road to redemption once again. Experts and Doctors have told him to quit while he's ahead, but a notoriously hard head and an ego to match just won't let him give up the Glory...
Strengths:  1. Experience - Eric has 20+ years of Big Match Experience from all over the world. There isn't too many situations that he hasn't seen and handled already at least once.
2. Violence - Eric is not afraid of hurting someone standing in the way of his goals. Careers have been ended in the past.
3. Business Sense - It can't be said that Eric Dane isn't a savvy business man, always putting himself in the best possible position to succeed.
Weaknesses:  1. Ego - He has a hard time dealing with loss, or the perception that he's not the Best in the World.
2. Age - He's 46. In wrestler years that's like 200. This also encompasses his two bad knees and recently fused neck. The man is held together by duct tape and Spanish moss.
3. Lack of Allies - Let's say that Eric rubs people the wrong way and leave it at that, shall we?


  • I am because you are not.


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