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Real Name:  Eli Goode  
Nicknames:  N/A  
Hometown:  Memphis, TN  
Birthday:  May 2, 1989  
Height:  5'6"  
Weight:  160 lbs lbs 


Biography:  Eli Goode always has been an underdog. When he first started wrestling, he was at the bottom of every person’s list. After a mental breakdown, he started fighting with an alternate personality. This caused him to turn against many people he considered friends. After many therapy sessions, he tried to reestablish himself as a wrestler. He fought in an indie promotion before leaving in an internal dispute. He then joined HSW at the behest of Jack Michaels. After many months there, he began to make a name for himself as the top guy. Though he has not won the top belt yet, he is still fighting to become the number one guy wherever he goes. 
Other Feds:  Carnage Wrestling  


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