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Real Name:  Allen Jones, II  
Nicknames:  The Kid That Never Dies  
Hometown:  Memphis, Tennessee  
Birthday:  November 11, 1995  
Height:  6'0"  
Weight:  215 lbs 


Biography:  Duce was a young man who knew early in his life what he wanted to do. Being raised up in the business where his father, cousin, uncle, and even godfather were all professional wrestlers. Even his uncle owns a very profitable wrestling company of his own..

After spending many nights on the road and in the air with his father, traveling from promotion to promotion watching him along with his godfather set the tag team wrestling scene on fire. Witnessing them win multiple tag team honors over the years.. He became enthralled with the lifestyle, gaining knowledge and skills from many veterans of the business. And every one of them always told him the same thing. When you're in that ring, performing in front of those fans, that's the best high you could ever get.. And he wanted to experience for himself..

When he turned 16, he asked his father, who also had started a small wrestling school, if he could begin training him, which he happily obliged.. Over a three year period, Duce gained knowledge from his father and godfather, along with wrestling greats like DeMarko Frost, DA Link, Extreme, Metalhead, along with many others when they came as guest to teach students.. When Duce was 19, he felt he wasn't ready to step inside a ring.. So his father made an agreement with a good friend in Japan, for Duce to move there and continue training.

Upon moving to Japan, Duce lived and began training with his father's good friend Sulu Suzuki. After a year and a half of aggressive training.. Duce finally made his debut for a Japanese promotion, and quickly gained instant admiration after losing his first three matches by knockout. Refusing to stay down for the three count or tapping to a submission.. They instantly coined him "The Kid That Never Dies", things with him got even more out of control when he lost due to turn ligaments in his arm caused by a smart submission where he refused to give up.. The dumb decision put him out of action for more than 6 months.. When he returned from injury, his aggressive nature continued allowing him to win a Jr's. Tournament, with that small accomplishment, Duce felt it was time to try his luck in the United States.. To carry the Jones Legacy as far as he can go.. 
Strengths:  Versatile Striker, but mainly focuses on knee strikes.. He has knowledge of many styles of wrestling due to his rich wrestling family history and their connections.. Also a natural athlete with cat like agility. 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  Inheriting his father's anger issues, he can become very hot headed in the ring. Causing him to lose focus on the task at hand.. Never knowing when to give up, I guess it's the fighting spirit he inherited while in Japan, but it's caused him many knockouts and torn ligament losses. 


  • Nobody Has More Juice Than Duce!
  • You're About To Be IntroDuced!


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