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Real Name:  Dorian Hawkhurst  
Nicknames:  The Demon of Sobriety  
Hometown:  Philadelphia, PA  
Birthday:  March 3, 1989  
Height:  6' 4"  
Weight:  257 lbs. lbs 


Biography:  Dorian Hawkhurst has hit rock bottom. Fresh out of prison for a DUI, he has lost custody of Chloe for the time being. While in prison, Dorian slimmed down and bulked up. Now fueled by anger, Dorian may truly become the Demon he claims to be. 
Strengths:  Toughness, Increased strength and stamina 
Other Feds:  IWF  
Weaknesses:  Technical wrestling, anger can get the better of him sometimes. 


  • You're getting hammered.


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