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Real Name:  Anthony Dean Coulter  
Hometown:  Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia  
Birthday:  27th April 1988  
Height:  178cm (5ft 10)  
Weight:  98kg (215lb) lbs 


Strengths:  Unlike his counterpart, Dean is more strategic, methodical and level-headed. This makes is difficult for him to be affected by mind-games and psychology.

Though still able to keep up with faster-paced matches, Dean boasts some more technical manoeuvres and submissions in his repertoire. They are used as a means to wear down opponents and dictate the pace.

Close to the entirety of Dean’s career has been as part of a team, thus he is well versed and experienced in working in conjunction with Sam. They work in perfect harmony together and never miss a beat or cue. It is near impossible for an outsider to turn the two against each other.

Dean is able to adapt his style more effectively than Sam and answer to most opponents. 
Weaknesses:  Though boasting a well-rounded and adaptable style and move-set, Dean is still not the biggest or strongest competitor around. He is usually out-classed in a power game. He is also not as fast or as agile as his partner.

Dean is not as experienced or as well versed in single matches, more accustomed to a partner taking some of the offense and sharing the burden of the match. He tires somewhat quicker in singles matches, but not as much as Sam.

Dean is loyal to Sam, almost to a fault and has followed Sam because of this loyalty, not as confident in the ‘Cause’ as his partner. 


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