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Real Name:  Daniel  
Nicknames:  The Dangerous One  
Hometown:  Smithville, TN  
Birthday:  October 5, 1983  
Height:  5'11  
Weight:  225 lbs 


Biography:  Having started in GCWA in 2009 with his brother Crazy Chris, Dan quickly rose to the top of the tag team division, along with Chris, dubbing themselves the Danger Boiz and winning the tag team titles on 3 separate occasions, being the only team to do so in the process. Having competed in GCWA for over a year and a half, by the closing of GCWA Dan also won the promotions Television and Hardcore titles. Dan and Chris also became the first tag team to be inducted into the GCWA Hall of Fame. Soon after the closing, Dan joined the old CWF in late 2010. It was here that Dan and Chris would become the longest reigning tag team champions, also being undefeated. Dan also held the promotions Impact Championship. Once CWF closed it's doors (the first time) Dan joined OCW, once again with his brother. He quickly won the promotions Lightweight and Hardcore Championships. Dan and Chris also spent their time in Danny B's old promotion CWR, where Dan was the first ever CWR Champion thus becoming the longest reigning champion as well. After CWR closed, Dan would once again join the new CWF, quickly regaining the Tag team titles for a second time. In 2018 Dan decided to hang up the boots and retire, but eventually found himself BACK again in late 2018.

Title History:

3x GCWA Tag Team Champion
2x GCWA Television Champion
GCWA Hardcore Champion
GCWA Hall of Fame
2x CWF Tag Team Champion
CWF Impact Champion
NLW Legacy Champion
ICW World Champion
ICW Tag Team Champion
OCW Lightweight Champion
OCW Hardcore Champion
OCW Paradigm Champion
CWR Champion
Strengths:  Charisma, Speed, Brains, High-rish 
Other Feds:  GCWA, CWF (2010-2011), ICW, OCW, CWF (circa recent revival)  
Weaknesses:  Attempting to do high-risk maneuvers 


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