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Real Name:  Ciara Noelle McManus  
Nicknames:  The Gypsy Aingeal  
Hometown:  Manhattan, New York  
Birthday:  February 14, 1998  
Height:  5ft 5in  
Weight:  112 lbs 


Biography:  Ciara Kennedy was born Ciara Noelle McManus (February 14, 1998) in Boston, Massachusetts. She is the youngest, and only daughter, of semi-retired professional wrestlers, Zeek Williams and Savannah Richards.

Ciara spent her entire life inside the wrestling business, learning the ins and outs at a very early age. Her mother retired from active competition pretty early on in Ciara’s life but remained extremely active in backstage roles as well as opening her own wrestling school for women. Her father, a multiple time world champion and hall of famer, never really left the business and remained on the road competing for much of Ciara’s life. It was hard on Ciara and her mother never having him around. When Ciara was twelve her mother filed for a divorce from her father. It went uncontested and the divorce was finalized pretty quickly.

In school Ciara was quite popular. Whether that was because people genuinely liked her or because her dad was “the” Zeek Williams she didn’t know. Which always made her very leery of people. More than a few boyfriends changed their tunes when they found out that Ciara was not going to able to introduce them to one of their heroes. A model student, Ciara delved into all kinds of extracurricular activities. She was student body president, a cheerleader, theater club, ran track, and played softball. Of everything she was involved in, softball was her favorite as it brought back early childhood memories of watching the Red Sox with her father.

At 18, Ciara graduated from high school with honors and it was time to begin her adult life. Her mother urged her to attend college but Ciara had little to no interest in going to college. She knew what she wanted to do with her life. She had always known. As much as her parents had both tried to discourage her from following in their footsteps, Ciara knew as a child she wanted to be a professional wrestler. She couldn’t explain the pride and wonderment she felt when watching her parents compete whether live or in old videos. Her mother refused to accept her into her wrestling school, instead telling Ciara that if she completed college and got a degree to fall back on then and only then would she train her to wrestle.

Furious with her mother, Ciara turned to her father. He too trained people looking to break into the business. But unlike her mother, her father didn’t own a school. Instead he had built a ring in the middle of a warehouse he owned through his company. Because it wasn’t an actual wrestling school and because he was still actively competing, her father didn’t take on many students. Two - at most - at any given time. But when Ciara told him she wanted to learn and her mother refused to train her, her father told her to come down to the warehouse the next afternoon. He made Ciara sit in a chair and watch for three hours while he ran two young men ragged. By the end of the training the young men were vomiting and could barely walk. Ciara’s father approached her and asked if she still wanted him to train her. She said yes without hesitation and her father gained his third student... 
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