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Real Name:  Christer Lundmark  
Nicknames:  Fenrir  
Hometown:  Kiruna, Sweden  
Birthday:  December 20, 1994  
Height:  6'6  
Weight:  278 lbs 


Biography:  Christer was born in Kiruna, in the far north of Sweden. A town mostly known for its mines, he grew up in a mining family and in young years began working there as well. Due to his physique he joined the local wrestling club to great success and when he heard about international try-outs for CWF, he took it upon himself to make the journey across the Atlantic and sign up for their developmental system to work his way up. 
Strengths:  Height and strength.
Despite his size he is very well versed in traditional wrestling techniques.
Very strong. 
Weaknesses:  Not much of a highflyer (for obvious reasons), but still takes to the top rope here and there (to devastating effect, either to himself or the opponent).
Can have problems with fast opponents. 


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