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Real Name:  Dolores Madison Sato  
Nicknames:  The Empress, the Amoral Prophetess  
Hometown:  Tokyo, Japan  
Birthday:  8th June 1983  
Height:  5'10"  
Weight:  175 lbs lbs 


Biography:  Raised in Japan, Dolores had a childhood obsession with Chaolin Sahn, then resident in a mental hospital/prison on the city. She would be taken away from Tokyo as a small child when her parents joined the Spirit Science Research Institute, placing her in a series of Institute-run children's homes.

It was in one of these homes that she would meet a young Elijah, then known as the Prodigy, becoming his sole friend and confidant. When he defected from the Institute in 2001, it was Dolores who faced punishment. She would spend the rest of her time in the Institute detained in Institute facilities, meeting the also-incarcerated Elisha in 2008.

In 2010 Dolores entered the CWF, reuniting with Chaolin Sahn and playing a key role in the rivalry between him and Elijah. She would go on to become a fanatically loyal disciple of Sahn before being cast to one side when no longer useful.

She would spend years wandering the world, lost and broken, finally being admitted to an Institute-run hospital in London in 2016. There, the lost Dolores would become the Prophetess Cassandra, filled with drugs, trained in mystic traditions and subjected to brainwashing with the aim of turning her into a device to predict both future and past.

In 2018 Elisha and the Chosen freed Cassandra from the hospital in London where she was being held, taking her back to the Epicentre. There, she would take on a key role, standing equal to Elisha in both the Institute and in CWF. 
Strengths:  Chaotic, unpredictable, able to endure immense pain 
Weaknesses:  Likely to indulge her own cruelty at the expense of an easy win 


  • You will see. I have already seen.


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