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Real Name:  Caledonia Highlander  
Hometown:  London, UK  
Birthday:  April 5th, 1989  
Height:  5'9  
Weight:  110 lbs 


Biography:  Caledonia Summers was born to an upper-class family and raised to be the perfect British lady - or so her father thought. Her mother, far more feminist than she let on to her extremely conservative husband, allowed Caledonia her choice of activities; the young girl chose kickboxing over ballet and fencing over needlework. Despite this, she for the most part maintained her “ladylike" manners, until her beloved cousin Mark was unceremoniously excommunicated from the family. She realized then that even a slight deviation from the path expected for her would result in dire consequences - so she opted for a massive deviation and signed on as a professional wrestler.

Her first gig was in Colorado Pro Wrestling, where she was highly successful. One day,a wrestler from CWF was sent to CPW for a cross-promotional match, and Caledonia was chosen as his opponent. She proceeded to choke him out for the win: a few months later they were in love.

After that she mostly played a supporting role in her eventual husband's career. But she came off the bench towards the end of 2017, winning the Tag Team Championships with Eris in her first CWF match in nearly a decade (and only second overall).

When her husband’s back was broken in a Tower match against Elisha, Caledonia took on a prominent role in the fight between the Academy and the Spirit Science Research Institute, at one point taking part in a major battle to defend the Academy from an all-out assault. Her arm was broken by a possessed Jace Valentine in the course of the battle.

She would come to learn that the leaders of the Academy and her long-time friends, Elijah and Omega, had in fact known about the potential for such an attack for some time, and had deceived Caledonia into training an army for them to fight the Institute. Enraged, Caledonia departed the Academy.

In the ring, she would go on a months-long undefeated streak, defeating many of CWF’s greats - Jace Valentine, Elisha, Nerezza... and finally Mariella Jade Flair, in a match at Paradise for the World Championship. 
Strengths:  Fast and surprisingly strong - the Bed Of Roses is particularly difficult to escape 
Other Feds:   
Weaknesses:  Like most high-flyers, vulnerable to heavy hits (if they land) 


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