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Real Name:  Bryan Ford  
Nicknames:  "The Innovator of Greatness" "Host of the Bryan Ford Show"  
Hometown:  Terrell, Texas  
Birthday:  March 26th, 1994  
Height:  5'10  
Weight:  209 lbs 


Biography:  A third generation wrestler, Bryan is son of Hall of Famer Nick ‘C4’ Ford, and Grandson to Hall of Famer Chris Ford. Since a boy Bryan has been involved in the business. Sure his father being a big deal opened a few doors but there was no question about his work ethic or Passion for Wrestling. He made an impact in a federation known as IWA, being the youngest and first to ever have captured 4 out of the 5 available championships. He then went on the Legion of Warriors making a name for himself, and after that New Found Glory where he became the second and longest reigning World Champion. One that company ended he was on hiatus for a year and came back full throttle in Carnage Wrestling, originally under the mask of Ragnarok he captured the Baltimore City Championship, as well as Formed the stable C.O.N/Creatures of Night with Brian Crucifix and Robert Zodiac aiding them to become Tag Champions. Since revealing himself to have been Ragnarok the entire time Bryan is now more cold, calculating, and ruthless to every opponent. 
Other Feds:  Carnage Wrestling  


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